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Integrated Marketing Channels

The whole should be greater than the sum of the parts.

A few of our ideas:

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Reach the right people and drive ROI

Are you getting the most out of your online and off-line efforts? We help you develop an integrated approach, making sure your digital, print, and live programs support each other in driving toward your goals and objectives. We leverage analytics and technology, build on trends and drive sales.

We can:

Help you decide which digital tactics you need, such as:

  • email
  • social media
  • paid search
  • affiliate marketing

Bolster your digital presence with off-line programs, such as:

  • direct mail
  • inserts and magazine space
  • live events

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Make sure your channels are working together

Your integrated marketing program should deliver more results than each tactic can independently. Let us help you align your channel marketing with your overall goals. Is email marketing the best way to reach your target? Do you want to drive orders today, focus on long-term brand loyalty, or find a way to blend both? We have deep expertise in print and online channels as well as media buying. We can help you figure out a combination that makes sense.

We can:

  • Evaluate if a channel will be worth your time and investment
  • Audit existing processes
  • Analyze your results to identify trends
  • Assess competitor offerings
  • Recommend best practices
  • Build financial models
  • Ensure an integrated message across channels

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Make sure a detail doesn’t derail your success

Every top marketer knows “the devil is in the details”. We’re experts at the details, making sure you have confidence your campaign will execute smoothly and generate the results you seek. Need help picking the right email platform? Stuck trying to find a printer who can distribute your materials nationally at a sensible price? We can help with everything from design to deployment.

For both online and offline, we:

  • Prepare media plans that meet your budget
  • Negotiate ad buys
  • Design and write winning copy
  • Create test matrices
  • Help you test into winning offers
  • Source premiums
  • Work with media properties to launch your campaigns

For your offline campaigns, we can:

  • Print and distribute
  • Create engaging advertorials
  • Manage your event marketing

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We keep it going and do the follow up for you

Data-driven optimization is at the heart of what we do. We analyze, evaluate trends and tweak campaigns to drive the best financial results. We can help your team plan, continue to keep up with technology and schedule.

We can:

  • Offer ongoing results and process review
  • Create schedules and plans to help you accomplish your goals
  • Assess market and industry trends
  • Work with the media properties to offer you ongoing pricing opportunities

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Plan for the future

Maintenance is all about planning, and we are experts at keeping campaigns moving ahead—not just for continued motion, but a built-in process for continuous improvement.

We can:

  • Deliver a maintenance plan that fits within your budget and resources
  • Build in program checkpoints to assess progress toward your goals and objectives
  • Help you find the right people, vendors, and technologies to keep your campaign moving forward
  • Leverage technology to help you maximize productivity

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