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How can your content become the go-to resource in your field?

A few of our ideas:

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It’s true: Content is king

All your digital and print content — words, images, audio, video, and tools — has to be credible, useful, actionable, and differentiated from everything else out there. It has to engage your target audience, and align with your brand values and goals, yet be feasible to produce within your resources. Every piece of content you publish has to be worth the effort, delivering value that exceeds the cost of creation.

We can:

  • Organize your content so it’s easy to find and use
  • Have our expert team write or edit content for you
  • Recommend, negotiate, and manage partnerships for content licensing and content distribution
  • Develop the behind-the-scenes (metadata) and on-page content structures
  • Design a content production workflow for creation, governance, and approvals
  • Migrate content to your new digital platform, using a CMS or manual techniques
  • Build a content strategy to differentiate and deploy your content without exceeding your resources

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Make your content better than everyone else’s

Can you become the content leader in your field — with more, better content than everyone else, including industry leaders or consumer portals? It takes a strong strategy to stand out from the crowd. We can help you find your content marketing niche, where you are credible, useful, actionable, and different from what’s already out there.

The content strategy plan we develop for you will include must-haves, points of differentiation, and pipeline concepts for future development. We’ll outline the voice and tone, formats, topics, quantity, and frequency for your publishing schedule. Our search engine optimization team can test keywords and build a governance structure for including them in your content. We can also identify content partners who have top-notch material available for licensing, letting you scale up rapidly and cost-effectively, often delivering the strength of their brand to elevate yours.

We can:

  • Find the white space, so that your content will stand out as more interesting and useful than the content from your competitors, publishers, and others serving your field
  • Ensure your content is aligned with your brand values
  • Secure content partners and key opinion leaders (KOLs) to share their influence with your brand image
  • Build a content marketing plan that evolves and grows in a phased approach
  • Align your plan to fit your resources, or help you find ways to staff your plan (many times, without adding staff)

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Make publishing easy, reliable + cost effective

Once you know where and how to use content wisely, publishing can quickly become a bottleneck or a free-for-all. A little up-front preparation can establish a regular workflow that organizes the many tasks involved in creating the concepts, developing each piece of content to fit your needs, reviewing and revising it, and ultimately publishing it.

We can:

  • Establish roles + responsibilities, workflows, checkpoints, and approval processes
  • Build a structure to guide content development, so no vital parts go missing
  • Develop the taxonomy for content organization, so people can find your content
  • Build a migration plan and process for your relaunch, select the content to migrate, and prepare it for uploading to the new site
  • Determine metadata schema, the backend content that organizes + optimizes your user experience and SEO
  • Act as the project manager for your content production team
  • Track your content development progress to ensure you’re meeting your content marketing goals

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Make sure your content is delivering

Put the right steps in place to track your content marketing projects, ensuring that each piece of content you create is worth the effort. We develop a plan to measure the available data, tying it back to your publishing and promotion schedule, to see which types of content are working best. And then we collaborate with you to refocus your content strategy and development to take advantage of the learning and continuously improve your content.

We can:

  • Assess the available data to establish a measurement plan
  • Provide periodic data reviews, weekly, monthly, annually, or tied to your campaign
  • Analyze the data to elicit trends and insights
  • Recommend strategic shifts to improve ROI

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Keep your content fresh

What have you planned for Day 2? The minute you celebrate the launch of your website, Facebook or YouTube page, email campaign or blog, you’ve created a gaping hole that needs to be filled. Your audience (and Google) wants to see what you’ve published lately. Give them a reason to love you — often.

We can help you find the right quantity and frequency so your content is top quality and fresh. For content development, we can help you find the talent or provide our experienced writers, editors, proofreaders, even an entire video production team.

We can:

  • Build a maintenance schedule that lets you create excellent content without overtaxing your team
  • Secure subject matter experts (SMEs) + key opinion leaders (KOLs) to develop content for you
  • Create content on an ongoing basis
  • Manage your content production process

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