Starpoint marketing strategy

Marketing Strategy

Is your target audience “getting” your brand?

What sets you apart?

There’s a reason you’re the right choice for your customers. That’s your unique selling proposition, and it’s the power behind your future growth. Are you harnessing it?

If your target audience doesn’t “get” what makes you different, they won’t know to buy from you instead of your competitors.

Marketing strategy ensures your message is perfected and delivered well. It’s the secret to your long-term success. And it helps poise you for growth via product line expansion or simply scaling up what you already do.

Our unbiased, thorough, and efficient process can help you:

  • Sharpen your list of objectives
  • Understand your customers’ unmet needs
  • Differentiate your offerings in a sustainable way
  • Optimize your marketing mix
  • Align your brand for sales, profit, and growth

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Let our objective analysis + broad experience help you achieve more

Our unbiased viewpoint and rigorous assessment process can help you set your long-term direction to power your growth. From there, you can stay on-target in everything you do.

We don’t cut corners, and we don’t waste time. We do the necessary research and analysis to make a recommendation based on facts.

Our exploration might include:

  • Your business goals, objectives, culture, core competencies + past results
  • Consumer behavior + competitive marketplace analysis
  • Surveys of your customers + social listening about their needs, their preferences + how they view your brand
  • Analyzing potential product line expansion + other strategic growth opportunities

Our unbiased viewpoint and rigorous assessment process can help you set your long-term direction to power your growth. From there, you can stay on-target in everything you do.

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What’s standing in the way of getting it done right?

Once you have the strategy, a well-conceived implementation plan helps you get it in market efficiently + effectively. Don’t let your marketing program stall due to a lack of resources or internal issues. We can provide a step-by-step guide to execution with workflows + governance processes, training + staffing support. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh eye to look at your structure, an outside influence to invigorate your team, or a few extra hands to help them achieve their goals.

We can help you:

  • Clarify roles + processes and reorganize teams to improve efficiency + accountability
  • Bridge gaps in resources with temporary or permanent staffing solution
  • Ramp up expertise with leadership + training in social media, content marketing and other marketing channels
  • Become more customer centric + responsive
  • Establish structures + processes to better link marketing with the rest of your business
  • Ensure your marketing plan has the flexibility to scale when your business grows

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Is it working? We’ll make sure you know

Testing can help you refine your plans, pre-launch. Designing metrics for success is vital to engineering your program to prove ROI. And keeping a close eye on metrics is the only way to prove your strategy is effective in-market—or learn how to improve it until it delivers. Post-launch, we work closely with you to review incoming data and refine campaigns for optimal results.

We work with you to:

  • Design Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will establish success
  • Create a comprehensive dashboard
  • Fill in gaps in resources to keep your program moving ahead
  • Create ongoing reporting that helps you keep on track
  • Uncover customer insights leading to product line expansion

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What happens when you’re not watching?

It’s easy to lose sight of your strategy. A key staffer’s vacation or promotion might jeopardize continuity in your program. Shifting priorities or budgets might throw your plans askew. Marketplace factors can impact your results. Suddenly, all your hard work on strategy is not paying off.

To stay on course, you need the codification of your strategy and learning plus a plan for continued evolution in response to new data. Start with a style guide and process documentation that keeps your team on track. Add a program calendar for a long-term strategic roadmap. And build in ongoing analytics reviews to ensure your efforts are delivering as promised.

We can:

  • Create the style guides, training manuals, and protocol documentation
  • Step in as part of your team when gaps arise
  • Provide reporting and analysis on your KPIs
  • Periodically assess your dashboard for continued effectiveness
  • Audit your execution for compliance with your established strategic guidelines

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